Fullstack Developer alternating


Project based on the website of a sports coaching startup.

The aim is to develop a new version of the user’s profile page. In particular, this page will enable the user to track the number of sessions completed, as well as the number of calories burned.

To do this, we need to integrate D3 or Recharts (my choice for this project) graphs of the user’s sporting activity. As for the data, we need to make calls to the back-end in NodeJS. To manage these calls, we need to use either Fetch (my choice) or Axios, and make them outside the React components via a separate service. The site also needs a data modeling class to ensure that data is properly formatted. Last but not least, the code must be well documented, via capsules and PropTypes in the latter, but also via the Readme.


  • Graphs integration (Recharts)
  • Creation of an API data mock
  • HTTP calls / API calls to retrieve data (separate service)
  • Creation of a modeling class
  • Documentation (Readme, code capsules)