Fullstack Developer alternating


Project based on a web platform for renting apartments between individuals.

The aim is to start the React project and develop the whole application, the React components, the React Router routes, following the Figma mockups (responsives) and all the information given. A few details on the site’s functionalities:

  • For scrolling through photos in the gallery (Gallery component):
    • If the user is at the first image and clicks on “previous image”, the gallery displays the last image.
    • Conversely, when the image displayed is the last in the gallery, if the user clicks on “next image”, the gallery displays the first image.
    • If there is only one image, the “next” and “previous” buttons and numbering don’t appear.
  • The gallery must always be the same height as shown on the Figma layout. Images will therefore be cut and centered within the image frame.
  • Collapse: By default, collapses are closed when the page is initialized.
    • If the Collapse is open, the user’s click closes it.
    • Conversely, if the Collapse is closed, a click opens it.


  • React (components, hook)
  • React router
  • SASS