Fullstack Developer alternating


Project based on an intern web application wich managing a large financial company’s employees files.

The aim is to update the site from JQuery to React. Here is the main tasks’ summary:

  • Convert the entire project in React.
  • Convert one of the four current JQuery plugins in React. Replace the remaining 3 JQuery plugins with React components, either by coding them or importing them from existing libraries.
  • Carry out Lighthouse performance tests comparing the old and new applications.


  • Update application from JQuery to React
  • Choosing the most appropriate design in function of logo
  • Redux managing state system
  • Back-End implementation with Express, Sequelize and MariaDB database
  • JQuery plugins transformation (date select, modal window and array) into React via existing components
  • JQuery plugin dropdown menu tranformation into React via its creation
  • Publishing the created plugin on npm