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About me

About me

Hello! My name is Virginie.

I’ve graduated as a JavaScript React Application Developer via the OpenClassrooms platform, and I’m looking for a company to take me on as part of a work-study program, either for the Full-Stack Java Angular Developer course, still with OpenClassrooms, or for the Application Developer Designer course with ARINFO Niort.

After studying in the health and social services sector, and then switching to manual trades (such as carpentry and catering), I can now say that I’m a web developer (with a diploma from the ENI École Informatique) who has specialized in React (with another diploma from OpenClassrooms). This was made possible by the validation of certificates and diplomas that gave me the keys to developing sites, applications and video games.

What fascinates me most about web and application development is achieving results that are as satisfying in terms of functionality as they are in terms of aesthetics (an attraction derived from my drawing skills).

My goal is to continue perfecting and be as efficient as possible through the training I want to continue as a work-study student.

And finally, I’m convinced that with motivation, the desire to learn every day, and passion, you can achieve miracles.

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